About Luis

Luis de Castilla began his Crusade in the Year of Our Lord 1096. Leaving his home in Toledo, in the Kingdom of Castilla, he traveled to Corunna and boarded a vessel to Antioch.  On his sojourn to the Holy Land, he encountered many things. Some were wonderful, some horrifying, but all tempered his steel. At Jerusalem, Luis was wounded, and made his way slowly home. Stopping to rest his body and soul in Rome, Luis encountered something that tested his faith like nothing else before: the Lady Margarita de Siena…

When in armor, he prefers to fight with “broken” halberd and sword, bastard sword, or sword and buckler. When not in armor, Luis continues his alchemical interests in making cordials.

His personal colors are that of the Crusades- Red and White.
However, he forever bleeds Purple and Gold.

Luis enjoys watching newcomers discover the wonders of the Dream, for they are our future.
Luis begs the understanding of the populace on sunny days as the brightness of the sun causes him migraines and therefore he will be in sunglasses at those times.

Allergies, food and drink